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Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher

【Product Introduction】:A crusher equipment with high production capacity, large crushing ratio and high crushing efficiency, mainly used for coarse crushing.

【Applicable Materials】:Jaw crushers are widely used in metallurgical mines, building materials, silicate and chemical industries. It is generally used for coarse and medium crushing of hard or medium-hard ore in the beneficiation industry.

【Production Capacity】:0.5~700t/h

【Product Application】:The deep cavity optimized design of the traditional jaw crushers crushing cavity, optimized cavity design, high crushing effect; high rotating speed of the movable jaw and curved jaw plate design, production High ability.

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Product introduction of jaw crusher

Working principle of jaw crusher

By moving The two jaw plates of the jaw and the static jaw form a crushing cavity, which simulates the movement of the two jaws of an animal to complete the material crushing operation. The upper end of the movable jaw is directly suspended on the eccentric shaft, as the connecting rod of the crank connecting rod mechanism, which is directly driven by the eccentricity of the eccentric shaft, and the underground end of the movable jaw is hinged and supported on the rear wall of the frame with a thrust plate. When the eccentric shaft rotates, the trajectory of each point on the moving jaw is from the circumferential line of the suspension point, gradually turning downward into an ellipse, and the lower part, the more the ellipse is deviated until the trajectory of the connection point between the lower part and the thrust plate is a circular arc String.

jaw crusher


The advantages of jaw crusher

The movable jaw assembly of the jaw crusher is more advanced, making it more durable;

Deep The cavity crushing ratio is large, the cavity shape is optimized, and the crushing efficiency is high.

The arc-shaped jaw plate design increases the effective length of the jaw plate and increases the processing capacity.

jaw crusher product picture

Jaw crusher jaw crusher jaw type rockbreaker jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher FAQ

The jaw crusher frame beats severely Reasons and solutions

When the jaw crusher is working, when the frame is found to be severely beaten, you should first stop and check several aspects.

1. Whether the bolt is loose or broken

2, whether the position of the flywheel is off-track

3, whether the foundation of the main machine is stable, and whether there are vibration isolation measures< /p>

The solutions are as follows:

If the anchor bolt is loose, use a wrench to tighten the bolt. If the anchor bolt breaks, you need to replace it with a new one. bolt.

The solution to the deviation of the flywheel position is to remove the flywheel cover, loosen the flywheel tightening bolts, adjust the position of the flywheel and then tighten the flywheel tensioning sleeve bolt.

If the jaw crusher shakes severely due to the unstable host, the foundation should be reinforced, and sleepers or rubber strips should be added between the machine and the ground

Product Parameter

Type Model Inlet size (mm) Discharge size (mm) Maximum feeding size (mm ) Production capacity (t/h) Eccentric wheel speed (r/min) Motor Power (kW) Dimensions (mm) Weight
PE100X150 100X150 5?20 80 0.5~2 300 2.2 525X535X605 230
PE150X250 150X250 10 ?40 125 2?6 300 5.5 875X745X935 1100
PE200X350 200X350 10 ?50 160 6?10 300 7.5 1080X1060X1088 1600
PE250X400 250X400 20 ?60 210 8?16 300 15 1108X1090X1392 1850
ZGPE250X400 1430X1316X1296 2800
PE250X500 250X500 20 ?80 210 13 ?21 300 18.5 1360X1450X1440 3100
ZGPE250X500 1425X1420X1417 3300
PE400X600 400 X600 40?100 350 14?36 275 30 1650X1748X1520 5800
ZGPE400X600 1716X1736X1653 6500
PE500X750 500X750 50?120 400 30 ?80 250 45 1900X1876X1821 9000
ZGPE500X750 1980X2024X1920 12000
PE600X900 600 X900 75?200 480 56?192 250 75 2280X2245X2320 18700
ZGPE600X900 2280X2245X2320 14500
ZGPE750X1060 750X1060 80?235 630 108?256 250 90 2450X2472X2795 28000
ZGPE900X1200 900X1200 95?265 750 186?398 200 110 3335X3182X3025 50000
ZGPE1100X1400 1100X1400 150?300 950 250?600 193 132 3900X3040X3875 70000
ZGPE1200X1500 1200X1500 160?320 1000 280?700 190 160 3800X3040X4150 82000

PEX150X750 150X750 10 ?40 120 8?25 320 15 1210X1572X1045 2800
ZGPEX150X750 1240X1586X1025 3500
PEX200X1000 200 X1000 15 ?40 160 12 ?50 330 22 1860X1385X1200 5200
ZGPEX250X750 250X750 20 ?60 210 10 ?45 320 30 1751X1400X1515 4900
PEX250X1000 250X 1000 20 ?50 210 15 ?50 330 30 1550X1990X1370 6500
ZGPEX250X1000 1650X1958X1460 6800
ZGPEX250X1200 250X1200 20 ?60 210 20 ?60 320 45 1650X2170X1465 9000
ZGPEX300X1300 300X1300 25 ?65 250 20 ?80 330 55 1980X2456X1740 11500

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