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Processing of iron ore

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Hair straightening iron ores are several types along with characteristics of great, varied, and poor. The mineral deposits or even straightener ores have a very complicated symbiotic connection. Consequently, suited flat iron removal methods are critical for increasing the particular recovery rate regarding iron focuses. Frequent iron pepite contains magnetite, hematite, in addition to limonite. In this specific passage, we may introduce you to the extraction techniques of three kinds of common ripped iron ore.


01 Magnetite extraction method

Magnetite is the most significant aggregate of particles, with strong magnetic properties and wide distribution. In accordance with different types of iron-bearing minerals, magnetite can be split up into single magnetite and mixed ore. A couple of extraction methods of magnetite ore are introduced below: permanent magnetic pre-selection process and single magnetic parting.

Magnetite pre-selection process

The task flow is mainly the task moving after crushing and before grinding. Typically, the main purpose is to remove low-quality continuous minerals and gangue minerals. Present high-quality feed for subsequent processing. Preselection includes wet and dry weather. Typically, the wet type switches into a wet permanent magnetic separator, and the dry type switches into a magnetic rim.

Single Magnetic Parting

Single magnetic parting is well suited for magnetite or vanadium competitions. The key valuable vitamin is magnetic straightener. The task flow is seen as crushing and grinding the magnetite into suitable molecule size. Generally, experienced numerous be obtained through three-stage rough magnetic separation and one-stage concentration. Typically, the wet magnetic separator is employed for rough magnetic separation, and the magnetic parting column is generally used for amount.

02Hematite extraction method

Hematite is a weakly magnetic straightener ore. At this time, the commonly used hematite extraction methods include gravity separation, permanent magnetic separation and flotation.

Gravity separation

You will discover two methods for hematite gravity parting. An example may be coarse re-selection and the other is fine-grain re-selection. However, most weakly magnetic hematites are of low class in strong permanent magnetic concentrates. The choice unit has low processing power. Some sort of combined process of strong magnetism and re-selection can be used. It is to use strong magnetic separation to remove the most unqualified tailings. In that case, gravity separation is employed to process the strong magnetic target to enhance the quality of the complete focus.

Magnetic separation

The particular Hematite magnetic splitting up method is mainly a weak-strong magnet separation method. Right after continuous grinding, major slime and supplementary slime can be removed in the process of fragile and strong magnet separation. It gets rid of some tailings, enhances the iron quality in the nourish, and also ensures the quality of the iron completely focus.

Flotation separation

Flotation is principally used for fine weak magnet hematite beneficiation, including positive flotation and reverse flotation. In respect to the ore characteristics of hematite, reverse flotation surpasses positive flotation. For the reason that the object of change flotation is employed, and the target of positive flotation is iron mineral deposits. For gangue mineral deposits containing a variety of mineral blemishes, it is difficult to obtain premium quality hematite concentrate by positive flotation.

03Limonite extraction method

Limonite contains crystal normal water. If only the physical benefit method is used, the grade of straightener concentrate is difficult to fulfill the requirements, and the limonite is at risk of off-road during the farming process, and the metal recovery rate is low. At the moment, typical limonite removal methods include the law of gravity separation, magnetic splitting up, flotation, selective filtration and flotation.

Individual separation

It is ideal for small limonite processing plants and has less investment, quick effect and procedure. Mainly use spin out of control chute for pre-concentration and vibrating desk for concentration to enhance the grade of concentrate.

Single flotation

Flotation methods include positive flotation and reverse flotation. Typically, positive flotation is not used only, but strong magnet separation can be used. In addition to poetry, flotation can be used only as the corpuscule and cation of combined flotation.

Individual flotation is ideal for limonite with simple ore characteristics. Very first designing, then roughing and scavenging, the product has a high concentrate quality and high recuperation rate.

Single Magnet Separation

It is a low-cost limonite processing method. The particular limonite is divided by a high gradient magnetic separator, and the magnet medium is not easy to attain. The method has the characteristics of a simple process and a perfect catalog, which can greatly enhance the concentrate quality and the recuperation rate is high.

The above mentioned is the removal methods of 3 common iron pépite. Different iron pépite will vary removal methods. In real production, we control you to perform mineral processing tests in advance, choosing suitable processing methods based on ore characteristics and attaining the ideal financial indices.

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