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Mineral processing design and operation

2021-11-24 Xinhai (378)

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As the pioneer and leader of the "integrated ore dressing service", Xinhai Mining Equipment combined its strong beneficiation strength and years of beneficiation experience, and announced that our "Integrated Concentrator Service (EPC)" has been officially expanded to "EPC+M+ "O service" aims to provide customers with all-round concentrator services, solve various mine operation and management problems encountered by customers, and make customers worry-free throughout the process.

What is mineral processing design and operation

Specifically, the "integrated plant service (EPC+M+O)" provided by Xinhai Mining Equipment is the "design and research-complete equipment manufacturing and procurement-commissioning and delivery-mine management-mine operation" of the beneficiation plant. One-stop service, starting from the actual situation of the concentrator, and tailor-made throughout the whole process.

Design and research services

Engineering consulting services, beneficiation test, beneficiation process and equipment selection, beneficiation plant scheme design and construction drawing design, etc.;


Complete equipment manufacturing, materials and procurement services

Manufacture and purchase of mineral processing equipment, mine supporting materials, installation and maintenance tools, machine repair workshops, laboratory and laboratory equipment, modular houses, steel structure workshops, combined steel structure concentrator production lines, and replacement of sodium cyanide Environmentally-friendly gold leaching agent, flotation agent, etc.;

Commissioning and delivery

Guide the construction and equipment installation of the concentrator, complete the equipment commissioning, train the workers of the concentrator, provide spare parts, spare parts, consumables, repair and maintenance equipment, etc.;


Mine management

According to the needs of the beneficiation plant, manage all aspects of the construction period, including the construction and management of mining engineering, civil engineering, and tailings pond;

Mine operation

Provide operation contracting and management services during the production period

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