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Method for beneficiation of ilmenite

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Ilmenite resources can be divided into primary ilmenite and sandy ilmenite based on actual conditions. Among them, primary ilmenite is mostly associated with titanomagnetite and vanadium-titanium magnetite. It is characterized by large and concentrated reserves, suitable for large-scale mining, but has a large gangue content, low recovery rate, and poor selectivity. Sand-like ilmenite is a secondary ore, which is characterized by a loose structure and good selectivity, but the grade of the original ore is low and the ore is easy to silt. It can be seen that different characteristics of ilmenite ore also put forward different requirements for ilmenite beneficiation methods. At present, the main beneficiation methods of common ilmenite include gravity separation, magnetic separation, electrical separation, flotation and combined methods.


1. Recycling of ilmenite by gravity separation

The gravity separation method is suitable for coarse-grained disseminated and fine-grained ilmenite. After coarse and medium crushing, a large amount of gangue can be discarded and deslimed by gravity separation equipment, such as spiral chute and shaker.

2. Recovery of ilmenite by magnetic separation

Ilmenite is a weakly magnetic mineral, and its specific magnetic specificity coefficient and density are higher than that of gangue minerals. For minerals of the same particle size, it has a much larger volume magnetization intensity than gangue minerals. In this way, during magnetic separation under a certain field strength (electric field strength and direction), the gangue minerals in ilmenite and a part of fine-grained iron-containing silicate minerals are easily thrown into the tailings. Effectively separate ilmenite and gangue minerals, achieve the purpose of enriching titanium metal and processing ilmenite that is difficult to be enriched by gravity separation. It is often used in processes such as selection and tailing.

3. Recovery of ilmenite by flotation method

Flotation, as a separation method with high separation accuracy and good separation effect, is mainly used in the selection of primary titanium ore or the separation of fine-grained ilmenite, including conventional flotation, flocculation flotation, and agglomeration. Flotation, etc.

1. Conventional flotation of ilmenite

Commonly used collectors are oleic acid and its soaps, oxidized paraffin soap, tall oil, and new collectors such as TAO, R-2, H1717, ZY, RST, TOB, etc. Among them, oleic acid and its soaps are commonly used ilmenite collectors. The technology is mature and reliable. The collection performance can be improved by heating, increasing the oxygen content or adding emulsifiers. The disadvantage is that the consumption of drugs is large, Poor selectivity. Oxidized paraffin soap is a product of paraffin wax through oxidation and saponification. It has a wide source and low cost. It can replace oleic acid. It needs to be emulsified at room temperature to improve its collection effect. The concentrate has low taste and unstable grade.

2. Ilmenite flocculation flotation

Flocculation flotation mainly includes selective flocculation and hydrophobic flocculation. Selective flocculation is a method of coagulating and flocculating a mineral from a dispersed system of two or more minerals. Hydrophobic flocculation refers to the phenomenon that hydrophobic particles suspended in water attract each other and form agglomerates due to the mutual hydrophobic interaction. The hydrophobic flocculation is realized by adding collectors and neutral oil under high-speed stirring. Ilmenite flocculation flotation is a flotation technology by adding polyacrylamide and other flocculants to selectively flocculate fine-grained ilmenite to form flocs.

3. Agglomeration flotation of ilmenite

Ilmenite agglomeration flotation is a technology in which collectors are adsorbed on the surface of ilmenite to make it hydrophobic, and with the help of the capillary attraction of the liquid bridge, the ore agglomerates can be floated as a whole. Strong agitation in the agglomeration flotation process is very important. Strong agitation can give more energy to the particles, overcome the energy barrier between the ore particles, make the surface of the ore particles hydrophobic and initiate flocculation to form agglomerates, and finally achieve the purpose of ilmenite beneficiation.


4. Recovery of ilmenite by electric separation

The electric separation method is mainly used to process the coarse concentrate containing non-conductive impurities such as titanite produced by gravity separation and magnetic separation. It is widely used in the selection process. The electric separation method has requirements for the particle size of ilmenite, and the lower limit is 0.04mm , Pre-treatments such as heating and radiation exposure are required before electric separation. This is to ensure the normal progress of the electric separation process, avoid unnecessary situations, and improve the efficiency of beneficiation technology.

In short, the choice of ilmenite beneficiation method depends primarily on the nature of the material. As the specific gravity of titanium minerals is larger than that of non-metallic gangue minerals, heavy selection can be used for pretreatment or roughing and tailing, and it can also be used for enrichment of ilmenite with a small proportion of gangue minerals. The magnetic separation method is widely used in iron removal operations to improve the concentrate grade of ilmenite. The electric separation method is mostly used in the purification operation when the titanium concentrate selected by other processes contains various non-conductive minerals. Flotation is more suitable for the beneficiation of primary ilmenite fine-grained ore. According to the nature of the ilmenite ore, the combined beneficiation rule can give full play to the advantages of each beneficiation method, thereby ensuring ideal beneficiation indicators and economic benefits.

Due to the complex nature of ilmenite minerals, there are big differences in the properties of different minerals. It is necessary to determine the appropriate beneficiation process and equip equipment through beneficiation tests to ensure the beneficiation effect of actual production.

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