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Large and effective beneficiation equipment

2022-01-26 Xinhai (228)

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With the continuous development of mining machinery technology and the development and expansion of mining enterprises, large-scale and efficient mineral processing equipment has emerged as the times need, and large-scale and large-scale have become the trend. Large-scale high-efficiency mineral processing equipment is a necessary equipment configuration for large-scale mineral processing plants. What are the large and efficient beneficiation equipment?

1. Crushing equipment

Large-scale crushing system: large-scale mobile crushing system with a processing capacity of 4,000 tons per hour; compound pendulum jaw crusher with a processing capacity of 3,000 tons of ore per hour; double rotors of 1950*1850 mm with a crushing ratio of 30-50 Impact crusher; high-efficiency cone crusher with a diameter of 3000 mm; ultra-fine crushing cone crusher with 80% of the crushed product particle size less than 6 mm.


2. Grinding equipment

Large-scale grinding equipment: large-scale automobile mills can replace medium and fine crushing equipment, which can simplify the crushing process and reduce infrastructure costs. The largest autogenous mill has a diameter of 11 meters; 6.5*10 meters ball mill; 4.57*6.1 meters rod Mill, as well as centrifugal and vibration mills and other high-efficiency fine grinding equipment, new materials, new materials such as high-strength, corrosion-resistant liners and grinding media can enhance grinding efficiency and decrease energy consumption.

3. Screening and grading equipment

Large-scale screening and grading equipment: There are more than 50 types of vibrating screens. High-efficiency screening machines such as multi-angle screening machines, curved screens, ultrasonic and cyclone fine screens are continually emerging. In classification operations, hydrocyclones slowly replace automatic classifiers.

Xinhai Mining has always been committed to providing customers with modern, energy-saving and high-efficiency mining equipment. Xinhai Mining will still continue to make breakthroughs and promote the efficient development of the mining industry with new technologies and current means.

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