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How to Remove Mica from Quartz Sand: Method and Equipment

2022-03-31 Xinhai (364)

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Quartz sand claims again silica sand, is a common non-metallic ore raw material with a wide range of applications. Mainly used in construction industry, glass manufacturing, ceramic industry and foundry industry. Mica is a common associated mineral of quartz sand. Separating mica in quartz sand can effectively improve the purity of quartz sand. With the increasing demand for quartz sand, in order to meet the application requirements and produce high-purity quartz sand, we usually use magnetic separation method and flotation separation method to remove mica from quartz sand.


Magnetic Separation Method

Magnetic separation can be used to remove as much as possible weak magnetic impurity minerals. Usually it is adopted cylindrical magnetic separator or high gradient magnetic separator for magnetic separation. Generally speaking, quartz containing impurities with weak magnetic impurity minerals such as mica can be processed by a strong magnetic separator with a magnetic field strength above 10,000 Oe.

Magnetic Separator


The magnetic system of Xinhai magnetic separator is made of NdFeB magnets with high magnetic energy accumulation and high coercive force, so the magnetic field strength is high. According to different application and separation conditions, each series of magnetic separator has different magnetic system design and tank structure; Non-magnetic stainless steel The cylinder body is coated with wear-resistant rubber for significantly improving service life of the cylinder. The tank structure is semi countercurrent type, and can also be made into a downstream tank according to the sorting conditions and user requirements.

Flotation Separation Method

The flotation separation method is mainly used to remove non-magnetic associated impurity minerals such as mica in the quartz sand. The separation of mica and quartz is very difficult, and good results can be obtained by flotation method with an anionic collector under acidic conditions, or with an anion-cation collector under alkaline conditions.
Generally, after scrubbing, desliming, magnetic separation and flotation method, the purity of quartz sand can reach to 99%, which basically meets the needs of industrial sand.

Flotation Machine


Xinhai flotation machine has various types, mainly including SF, BF, JJF, XCF, KYF, etc. The combined units of XCF and KYF are commonly used in mineral processing plant. XCF flotation used as suction tank and KYF as DC tank can be configured horizontally, which solves the problem of ladder configuration of KYF flotation machine to save consumption of foam pump, reduce equipment maintenance and investment cost, and improve ore processing efficiency for achieving 1+1>2 effect.

The above is the separation method and equipment of quartz sand and mica, hoping to help you. If you have any other questions about mineral processing, please contact me online.

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