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How much is a ton of steel grinding balls?

2022-02-25 Xinhai (383)

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Steel grinding ball is one of the important accessories of ball mill equipment. In the grinding operation, the ball mill completes the grinding operation through the collision between the steel ball and the material. Steel balls are continuously consumed and worn during the grinding process until they fail. Therefore, the selection of steel grinding balls is very important. The following introduces the common materials and types of steel grinding balls and how much is a ton of steel grinding balls?

Steel grinding ball

Material of steel grinding ball:

At present, the common types of steel balls on the market include high-manganese steel balls, low-carbon alloy balls, high-chromium cast iron steel balls, and high-carbon and high-manganese alloy steel balls.

1. High manganese steel ball

The steel grinding ball produced by high manganese steel has good toughness, good process performance and low price. More importantly, under the action of large impact or contact stress, the surface layer of the high manganese steel ball will rapidly produce work hardening, and the hardening index It can be 5-7 times higher than other materials, and the wear resistance can be better guaranteed.

2. High chromium cast iron steel ball

The anti-wear performance of high-chromium cast iron steel balls is better than other balls, but its toughness is low, and it is prone to brittle fracture during the application process, and the price of this kind of ball is relatively high due to the special properties of the material.

3. Low carbon alloy steel ball

The low-carbon alloy steel ball is made of low-carbon alloy material. The steel ball has good toughness and reasonable price. Compared with the low-chromium cast ball, the wear resistance is higher than that of the low-chromium cast ball under the same working conditions. Casting ball more than 1 times.

4. High carbon and high manganese alloy steel balls

The main materials of high carbon and high manganese alloy steel balls are chromium, molybdenum and other elements, which belong to the steel material of alloy structure, with high hardness and good toughness. Compared with high manganese steel balls, under the same working conditions, its service life At least 1 times higher than that of high manganese steel.

How much is a ton of steel grinding balls?

The teel grinding balls price is closely related to the material of the steel balls, the production process and the properties of the processed minerals. In addition, the price and labor costs of producing the steel balls will also be taken into account. At present, according to market conditions, the price of steel grinding balls ranges from several hundred to several thousand yuan per ton. Xinhai specializes in the production of steel balls for ball mills and accessories.

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