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Gold ore beneficiation-gold ore gravity separation equipment

2022-02-23 Xinhai (377)

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In nature, there are many types of gold ore, which mostly exist in the form of elemental substances, and a small amount coexists with amphoteric metal compounds. In the presence of single natural gold, the most economical and effective method for gold ore beneficiation is gravity separation.

Conditions of use of gold ore gravity separation equipment

Due to its low cost and large scale, gold ore gravity separation equipment has low requirements for grade. General industrial products reach 0.1g/t (0.15/m³), and 0.3g/t gold placer is considered a rich ore. The mining of placer gold is inseparable from water, and whether water can be reused is the biggest factor in the cost of placer gold mining.

Types and advantages and disadvantages of gold ore gravity separation equipment

Gold ore gravity separation equipment includes common gravity separation equipment such as jig and shaking table, as well as special heavy separation equipment such as spiral chute, centrifugal gravity separation equipment, new curved surface cyclone gold separation machine and KXT type mine-use down-moving trapezoidal jig. Select device.


The Spiral chute is divided into fixed chute, Longjiang-I type chute, agitation chute and tape movable chute. The fixed ch

ute has a simple structure, no need for power, low cost, and simple operation; the Longjiang-I type chute equipment has large processing capacity and is easy to operate; the agitating chute is light in weight, reliable in operation and easy to maintain; the recovery of gold particles increases the recovery rate of gold.


Centrifugal gravity separation equipment is divided into portable gold panning machine, centrifugal disc sorting machine, panning pan and STL type water jacket gold sorting machine. The new curved surface swirl gold concentrator has been used in gold mining in the south with good results; while the KXT type mining down-moving trapezoidal jig is not only used for gold panning, but also used for heavy minerals such as iron ore and tungsten ore.

The above are the instructions for the use of the gold ore gravity separation equipment of the gold ore beneficiation equipment introduced to you. For more information about gold ore beneficiation equipment, please consult Xinhai gold ore beneficiation equipment manufacturer.

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