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How to Extract Gold From Ore: Beneficiation Methods and Machines

2022-03-18 Xinhai (396)

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Gold ore is generally divided into gravel ore and rock gold ore, among which gravel ore accounts for 20%. Gold extraction refers to the processes required to extract gold from ore. Due to the different types of ore, the nature of the ore is also different, so the beneficiation process needs to be customized.



Common gold ore beneficiation processes mainly include cyanidation, flotation, gravity separation and Amalgamation.

01 Gold Cyanidation Method

The cyanidation method is one of the main methods of gold ore beneficiation, which can be divided into two categories: agitation cyanidation and percolation cyanidation. Agitation cyanidation is mainly used for the treatment of flotation gold concentrate, or in the all-slime cyanidation, while percolation cyanidation is mainly used for the treatment of low-grade gold-bearing oxide ores.

Agitation Cyanidation Method for Gold Extraction

Agitation cyanidation gold extraction process mainly includes two types:
One is the cyanidation-zinc replacement process (CCD method and CCF method) that recovers gold by replacing precipitation with zinc powder (wire) through continuous countercurrent washing.
The other is the non-filtering cyanide carbon slurry process (CIP method and CIL method) that uses activated carbon to directly absorb and recover gold from the cyanide pulp without filtering and washing.

Principle Process Flow of Flotation Gold Concentrate Zinc Powder Replacement Technology

Principle Process Flow of Gold All Sliming Cyanidation Technology

 Percolation Cyanidation Method for Gold Extraction

The percolation cyanidation method is also one of the cyanide leaching processes. Its principle is that the cyanide solution penetrates through the ore layer to leach the gold from the gold-bearing ore. It is suitable for alluvial and loose porous materials.
There are two kinds of percolation cyanidation methods: pool leaching and heap leaching.
After the cyanide leaching solution percolate and leach the gold out, we can then treat the gold-bearing solution with ion exchange resin, activated carbon adsorption or zinc powder (wire) replacement to get the gold mud.

Principle Process Flow of Gold Heap Leaching Technology

02 Gold Flotation Method

Flotation is a beneficiation method widely used in a plant for processing gold. It is often used to process gold-bearing sulfide minerals with high floatability. Float gold into copper and lead concentrates, and then extract gold from these concentrates. Therefore it's a relatively economical and reasonable process for gold ore containing ferrous metals in the original ore, which can realize the comprehensive utilization of multiple metals and enrich the gold in sulfide minerals as much as possible.
In order to increase the rate of return on investment, the beneficiation process combining flotation and other processes can sometimes achieve more impressive results for ores of different properties.

Principle Process Flow of Gold or Copper Flotation Technology

03 Gold Gravity Separation Method

Gravity separation method is the process of using the difference in the density and particle size of minerals to create suitable loose stratification and separation conditions by means of the combined action of medium fluid and various mechanical forces, so as to obtain products with different densities or different particle sizes. Since most gold-bearing ores contain a certain amount of coarse-grained free gold (+0.1mm), it is difficult to recover by flotation and hydrometallurgy. Therefore, the gravity separation method is mostly used to select placer gold and vein gold before and after flotation and leaching to recover coarse-grained gold from monomer dissociation. Generally, the lower limit of the particle size of gold that can be recovered by the gravity separation method is 0.01 mm.

Grinding + Gravity Separation System

04 Amalgamation Method

Amalgamation can be divided into inner and outer type according to processing methods. Amalgamation is commonly adopted to separate gold from heavy concentrates at placer gold mine. While at vein gold mine, it is generally regarded as a part of combined processing to coordinate with flotation, gravity concentration and cyaniding, which is mainly used for collecting coarse monomeric gold.

To protect the environment from pollution and keep the workers' health, amalgamation shall be restricted for use. It has been forbidden in some foreign countries, and it is not commonly used in our country except for some individual and local small-scale gold mine.

gold ore beneficiation processes.jpg


01 Gold cyanidation machines

02 Gold flotation machines

03 Gold gravity separation machines

The above teaches you how to extract gold from ore. If you have additional questions or would like a complete solution for your gold processing plant, you can contact our online service.

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