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General process of gold beneficiation

2022-01-25 Xinhai (244)

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Whether it is gold ore or copper-iron-zinc-tin-manganese-chromium ore, the general process of beneficiation is identical. All are completed in the concentrator, regardless of the scale, processing capacity, complex process, and the number of equipment, it is typically a three-step process.


Step 1: Pre-election preparation stage.

The preparation before ore selection involves four stages, which are crushing (individually do not require this step), screening, grinding, and classification. The purpose is to dissociate the useful minerals and gangue (useless ore) monomers, and attain minerals of suitable particle size to lay the foundation for the next sorting stage.

Step 2: Selection stage

Common separation methods include flotation, magnetic separation, gravity separation, electrical separation and other beneficial methods, and this step is particularly critical. The purpose is to attain the concentrate of a certain mineral, even if the target mineral is separated from the gangue to the greatest extent, and the target concentrate with higher purity can be obtained. At the same time as the concentrate is retrieved, tailings will again be obtained, and some medium-sized ore will also appear.

Step 3: mineral processing product processing stage

The processing stage of beneficiation products includes concentration, filtration, drying and packaging of various concentrates, as well as tailings treatment if necessary.

The general process of beneficiation of individual concentrators is also moderately different according to the nature of the ore. Evaluate specific issues. For example, hematite and copper oxide ore also need to be scrubbed and pretreated.

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