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Cyanide leaching gold recovery process

2022-01-24 Xinhai (256)

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The cyanide leaching process has been put in production for practically a hundred years. Nowadays, the cyanide leaching process is still the key precious metal processing method because of its high recovery rate of gold, strong ore adaptability and capability to on-site precious metal production.

Gold removal by cyanide leaching process is separated into two steps: cyanide leaching and deposition. The particular leaching processes are the percolation cyanide leaching process, agitation cyanide leaching process and pile leaching process.


Cyanide leaching gold recovery process

1. Percolation cyanide leaching process

The particular cyanidation solution permeates through the ore layer, thus leaching the gold from the ore. This particular leaching process is suited to placer and loose porous materials.

The main equipment used in the percolation cyanide leaching process is the leaching tank, which is round, rectangle-shaped or square. The particular diameter or part entire leaching container is usually 5-12 metres, the peak is generally 2-2. 5 meters, and the amount is generally 50-150 tons.

2. Disappointment cyanide leaching process

Following the grinding and classifying, the ore pulp is put in the leaching container, and the cyanide option would be added into the pulp, and then the leaching is carried away after aeration and stirring. The disappointing cyanide leaching process is principally used for materials whose compound dimensions are less than 0. 3~0. 4 mm. The primary equipment used in this leaching process is the leaching tank. According to the leaching method, it can be divided into constant agitation cyanide leaching process and spotty agitation cyanide leaching process.

3. Heap leaching process

The heap leaching process means that the ore is broken into 3~10 mm blocks, and stacked on the impermeable bottom pad, and then the cyanide solution is sprayed from the top of the pile to break down the gold in the ore.

The particular heap leaching process is considered the most desirable precious metal processing way of low-quality ores due to its simple process flow and it does not require large infrastructure projects or excessive production equipment, thus greatly decreasing the production costs.

Before selecting the particular cyanide leaching process, it is recommended that each mine owner should do the mineral processing test in advance, determine the appropriate sanction leaching process in line with the results of the vitamin processing test, as well as, make choices using the size of the concentrator, conditions of the concentrator, investment cost and other factors, in an attempt to finally achieve the perfect balance between technical and monetary indicators.

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