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Copper Mining Process

2022-01-14 Xinhai (210)

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Copper ore refers to the mineral getting worse with a certain content of water piping ore and is recycled at the present stage. Inside general, copper ore occurs in ore inside as sulfide, and is associated with a specific amount of lead and zinc ore.

Extracted from open starts, copper ore must be crushed included in the process that occurs between extraction and output. Using contemporary compact mining equipment, copper ore is extracted from the mine.

After the ore is smashed, it’s roasted, which helps to convert slides to oxides. The oxides are smelted to produce matter, which then undergoes several improving processes.

The Water piping Mining Procedure

As soon as it’s located within the earth, water piping ore goes through eight stages before the consumer recognizes it in several products that affect everyday life in the home and business. 

These 8 stages  Copper Mining Process include:







Anode Casting

Electro-RefiningDocuments of the use of copper schedules back to old times. The repetitious task of exploration copper ore manually made it difficult to attain large quantities for creation.

Xinhai is a professional mine artist and mineral running equipment manufacturer in China, who began many copper mine design projects in most provinces. Within the copper ore outfitting process, the uncooked ore is shattered by jaw crusher, the crushing substance is divided into three sorts of products by the vibrating screen. The particular undersize material is directly brought to the grinding bin, oversized product and medium grade product are sent to cone crusher, then the crushing product of cone crusher goes back to screening functions. The crushing materials of grinding rubbish bin are brought to the closed-circuit process that basically consists of ball mill and hydrocyclone. After mincing and classifying procedure, the overflow of hydrocyclone enters into copper-lead bulk flotation process, then the copper and business lead is in foam products, and zinc ore only occurs in the underflow because of this of the influence of blockers. Flotation foam is brought to two-stage mincing procedure for regrinding, then materials are brought to flotation process for copper-lead separation. Right after the thickening and filtering of water piping concentrate and guide concentrate, the final focus is attained. Apart from, some underflow of bulk flotation is sent to zinc flotation separation through the dosing combining. After the thickening and filtering of flotation foam, zinc concentrate is finally obtained, while the underflow is straight transported to the tailings pond.

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