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CIP (carbon in pulp) gold extraction process is a method of adding turned on carbon to the cyanide slurry, absorbing the dissolved rare metal to the turned on carbon, and removing gold from the activated carbon. The Rare metal CIP process gets rid of the slurry cleaning and solid-liquid separating operations, directly utilizes granular activated co2 to absorb rare metal from pulp, and optimizes the, which simplifies the business production process, boosts the leaching efficiency and reduces the availability cost.


You will find five main actions for the gold CIP process: raw materials preparation, agitation leaching and adsorption, gold-bearing carbon desorption, expecting solution electrolysis plus activated carbon recycling where possible.

Step1:Raw Material Planning

Gold-bearing materials are usually crushed and floor to the compound size ideal for cyanidation, generally -200 fine mesh take into account 80-90%, plus remove impurities like wood potato chips. Then make use of the thickener to concentrate plus dehydrate the slurry, boost the concentration associated with the slurry in order to 40-42%, and after that perform the leaching operation.

Step2:Agitation Leaching and Adsorption

Include the cyanide slurry towards the agitation adsorbent tank (carbon slurry tank), which will be the same because of the conventional cyanidation method, generally five to 8 dual impeller agitation leaching tanks. Lime plus sodium cyanide are usually added to the particular tank, and compacted air is exceeded in to the tank with regard to leaching and adsorbent. The activated co2 is added in order to the fully leaching slurry, as well as the triggered carbon absorbed the particular gold within the cyanide slurry to turn out to be the gold-bearing carbon dioxide. The leaching moment is generally twenty-four hours to 24 hours. In the period of time, the first a couple of tanks are widely-used to get preparation, and typically the next four to be able to six tanks are widely-used for leaching together with adsorption.

Step3:Gold-bearing Carbon dioxide Desorption

The method of removing yellow metal from the gold-bearing carbon separated from gold-removing slurry is termed desorption. There happen to be four methods to get desorption currently:

Desorption of thermoplastic salt cyanide alternative

Desorption of low amount of caustic salt cyanide solution having ethanol

Desorption involving caustic sodium cyanide solution under home heating and strain

Desorption of high amount caustic sodium cyanide solution

Step4:Pregnant Alternative Electrolysis

The key means of gold anticipation from desorption alternative is electrolysis. Following desorption of gold-loaded carbon, high-grade currently pregnant solution containing yellow metal up to six-hundred g/m3 can be received. Electrolyzing pregnant alternative to obtain yellow metal powder, smelting typically the gold powder to have gold ingot.

Step5:Activated Carbon Recycling

Typically, the activated carbon following desorption is initially pickled with water down sulfuric acid (nitric acid) to take away carbonate and also other rassemblements. After repeatedly involving return, thermal account activation is required to be able to restore the seepage process of typically carbon.

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