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3 Steps of Gold Flotation Process

2022-07-07 Xinhai (157)

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Gold flotation is a process that is used to extract minerals from rocks, ores and concentrates. In this process, the rock is crushed to a small size and held in water in a tank. The rock is agitated by the introduction of air bubbles into the water. The bubbles attach themselves to the gold particles causing them to float to the surface of the water where they can be collected.

The process involves several steps:

1. Crushing

The ore is first crushed into small pieces and ground into a fine powder. This reduces the amount of material needed to be processed and allows for easier flotation.


2. Grinding

The crushed ore is then ground into finer particles before being treated with chemicals that cause some minerals within it, such as quartz or pyrite, to form large clumps which can then be separated from other minerals by washing with hot water or chemicals such as sodium hydroxide (NaOH) or sodium carbonate (NaCO). This step increases efficiency and reduces energy costs associated with grinding later on in the process.


3. Cyanide leaching

This step uses cyanide salts as an oxidizing agent to dissolve the metal ions present in an aquifer or ore body and release them into solution where they are then recovered by chemical precipitation.


The flotation process is a much cheaper method for mining gold and can be used on almost any grade of gold ore. If you have additional questions or would like a complete solution for your gold processing plant, you can contact our online service.

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